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Ghana Day #1:
10 Things I Have Learned While Travelling With A Surfboard

By 1st May 2018May 29th, 2018Travel
1. An 8ft surfboard is 243.83 centimeters long. The average doorway is 71.12 centimeters wide.


2. SAA allows surfboards on their flights. As long as surfboards are shorter than 2m. 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard is not.


3. However, 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard had just traveled on a Mango flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Which is operated by SAA. So, technically, 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard had already done the first leg of the SAA flight. The SAA Check-In Assistant and I have agreed to disagree on this point.


4. Further investigation revealed that 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard discrimination is due to 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard’s inability to make the turn on the ACSA luggage carousel. Even further investigation revealed that 1 x 2L cool drink and 1 x bag of chocolates can make it possible for 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard to make the turn on the ACSA luggage carousel.


5. 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard can make the turn on Ghana luggage carousel. Without the help of 1 x 2L cool drink and/or 1 x bag of chocolates.


6. 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard can potentially get one arrested in Katoka International Airport Arrivals Hall, should 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard take out pilot, co-pilot and 1 x fire extinguisher, in 1 x right turn.


7. The average sedan is 267.30 centimeters long.


8. 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard, Richard (Echo House driver), Pamela (Echo House colleague) plus self, in 1 x Ghanaian sedan, turns a first encounter into an instant bonding experience.


9. Traveling with 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard from Cape Town to Johannesburg to Ghana to hotel in Accra, then to Echo House offices in East Legon, and eventually to apartment, may potentially be difficult. It is. My father was right. Again.


10. I must love 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard a lot.





PS 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard has since made it all the way to apartment in East Legon!



PPS 243.83-Centimeter-Long-Surfboard has since made it all the way to Kokrobite beach! (See Day #13)



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  • Liezel Ferreira says:

    Haha love it! Has the surfboard been repaired yet?

    • epingkasykat says:

      243.83-Centimetres-Long-Surfboard has been repaired. But in the process, Mr Bright sanded off the ‘Feet This Side’. How will I remember which side my feet are supposed to go now?!

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