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Ghana Day #23:
Waking up Naturally, Unnaturally and Supernaturally

By 23rd May 2018May 29th, 2018Travel
I mentioned on Friday that I wake up “naturally” (See Day#18), but I omitted to mention all the other ways one could wake up in East Legon.
I classify them as follows: Naturally, Unnaturally and Supernaturally


Naturally: By Plan-taaaaaaaaaaain

This morning, like every morning, while I am having breakfast I wait for this:

Next time, I am going to run downstairs, and buy some: Anything that inspires such a bellow, without stoning from the neighbours, must be pretty darn tasty.
PS I have since discovered that what Plan-taaaaaaaainLady is shouting is not Plan-taaaaaaain at all. It is “Hot Kenkeeeeeeeeeeeey!”
PSS Hot Kinkey is not an indecent proposal, it is a dish.


PPPS This morning, when I heard Hot Kenkeeeeeeeeeey Lady I ran down the stairs and bought some.


Alas. It was not vegetarian, so I can not tell you what it tasted like. But Agi said it was delicious.



Unnaturally: By Gas

At 6:14 on Saturday morning I woke up to, what I thought was an air-raid warning:



Turns out to be a super-efficient Gas Cooker Repairer.
For those of you who missed that number, here it is again: 0-2-5-8-7-0-1-6-3-9



Unnaturally: By Laxative



Naturally: By Lamb

The noise that causes me most distress is this one:


I have been known to make someone drive from Arniston to Struisbaai to buy a baby bottle for a lost lamb.
Made arrangements for him to drive back to Cape Town with us, in order to go live with my friend Sugnet’s (not-to-be-eaten) sheep.
And could not understand why he could not stay with us in our holiday apartment – there was space in the bathroom.
So, it is imperative for me NOT TO GO DOWNSTAIRS when I hear this sound. EVER.
Unless I want a whole other thing to explain to the SAA Check-in Assistant (See Day#1 ).


Supernaturally: By Jesus

Hallelujah! It must be 7:59 Sunday morning!:


This is a combo deal: You also get Chicken on background vocals.



PS I can confirm that both lambs were safely reunited with their mothers.

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