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Ghana Day #50:

By 19th June 2018Travel
I am one step closer to knowing my address. ( See Day#24 )


(Which will delight many a Jumia Delivery Person, Uber Driver and Recycling Collection Person.)


Forty-eight days ago, on my first day at the office, I learned that EchoHouse is in the American House part of Accra.


Then when I moved to my apartment, a couple of blocks from the office, I discovered that American House is in East Legon, which is in Accra.


When I ordered my kettle from Jumia, I learned I live in Madina, which is in American House, which is in East Legon, which is in Accra.


(If you can find me on this map, you win a Rice Cooker. I can not even find me on this map!)




But today I got one step closer.


When Richard (Oh-Knower-Of-All-Things-Ghanaian-And-Otherwise. See Day#12 ) was driving me home this evening I asked him whether there are any other names for my area that I should know about.


Yes, he said. And, as we took a turn, pointed to a roadsign I have seen hundreds of times before.


The sign read: Ashaley, Botwe, Madina, Mempeasem.


You live in Mempeasem.


“I live in Memeasem?! I thought I lived in Madina.”


“You live in Madina. Mempeasem is in Madina.”


“So I live in Mempeasem, which is in Medina, which is in the America House area, which is in East Legon, which is in Accra?”




“Chale man oh. How am I going to remember Mempeasem? (Pronounced Mem-pah-sem)


“What does it mean?”


“It means ‘I don’t want any problem’.”


“I live in ‘I Don’t Want Any Problem’?”


“You live in ‘I Don’t Want Any Problem’.


If you are looking for me, look no further than ‘I Don’t Want Any Problem’.


PS I since found out that Richard’s area is called Domeabra. Domeabra means ‘If You Love Me, You Will Come’. I’m packing my bags. I’m moving there.


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