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Ghana Day #6:
Show Up Like Echo

By 6th May 2018May 29th, 2018Travel
Anyone who has ever worked in advertising will tell you that the word ‘Pitch’ has a similar effect the word ‘Mufasa’ had on those hyenas in The Lion King.


Pitches are.. not easy. And arriving on one’s first day, high on malaria drugs, and going straight into a pitch meeting was.. not easy.


Pair that with any of the below:
• No coffee
• No tea
• No water (You can not drink the tap water, and sometimes the water-cooler runs dry.)
• No open bar
• No take-out, because you worked later than 20:01
• No internet, at times (In Ghana the internet comes and goes.)
• No Uber to take everyone home
• On a Saturday night


Now imagine all of the above! Surely this would lead straight to a scene from ‘Lord Of The Flies’.


Yet, you would find the entire Echohouse team in the boardroom at 22:35 on a Saturday night, happily brainstorming, cracking jokes, arguing about soccer.


Not one lost sense of humour. (Present company excluded.)


And it gets even better. (Or worse, depending on how you look at it.)


How many advertising agencies can claim to be doing two pitches in two days?


That is what the Echohouse team is doing.


And they are doing it without a single drop of coffee. (See Day#4 )


There is a sign, as you enter Echohouse, that reads “Don’t Just Show Up, Show Up Like Echo”.


They did.


PS The Echohouse Creative team were toying with the idea turned one of the meeting room into a fully functioning bar, for the pitch. When nothing had materialised on the Saturday I assumed they had changed their minds, as we had MORE than enough to do already. When walked into the building on Monday, there was a fully functioning bar. Just a little something they had thrown together the day before! From now on, when I show up, I want to show up like Echo.



PPS We heard today. We won the pitch!!

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