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Ghana Day #8:
Accidental (Semi) Vegan

By 8th May 2018May 29th, 2018Travel
Before coming to Ghana I was toying with the idea of giving up dairy.


While searching for tea (see Day#4), I also looked for milk. When I was directed by someone to the Ideal Milk shelf, I thought the milk was just sold out at that specific supermarket. Unfazed, I bought a small can of Ideal Milk. Just in-case. I tried another supermarket. And the market. And the spaza shop. And another spaza shop. Even the pharmacy. No milk. Later, at the office, I asked in passing what the thing is with Accra and milk. “What thing with Accra and milk?” they all asked, “What do you mean? Milk is available everywhere!” “Oh! I said. “I was getting a little worried because I could not find any.” “Fabulous! Where can I find some?” “At any store.” “Really?!! ..Uhm.. in the freezer aisle?” “No, with the canned foods.” ..Ideal Milk.


Turns out Ghana does not do (fresh) milk. Or butter. Or yoghurt. Or ice-cream. No ice-cream?!!!


Of course I googled: “Things one cannot find in Ghana”. No one mentioned milk.


Quite an oversight, if you ask me.


To quote Richard: “We prefer eating our cows.” Sigh.


My name is Abénaa Chenél Ferreira. And I am a vegan (with eggs and Ideal Milk).



PS Look what I since found! Ideal Milk Lite Balance. To balance out the Fufu (See Day#2 )



PPS Today I found Long Life Milk at the Shell Select shop. But I did not buy it as I have since developed an Ideal Milk addiction.

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