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Ghana Day #36:
Co-Habitation Revisited (..Or, should that be, ‘Still Visiting’?)

By 5th June 2018June 7th, 2018Travel
Charlie is well (thank you for asking), and still living in the kitchen cupboard with his 12 wives. (See Day#15 )


Despite my best intimidation efforts:


1. Operation “Heeeeeere’s Charlie!”: Entails randomly opening drawers and cupboards, giving Charlie a fright (or being frightened by Charlie), in order for Charlie to feel uncomfortable and leave


2. Operation Elastic Band Magic Trick: The placing of elastic bands around every packet in every cupboard in every room. And then marvelling at how Charlie still finds his way inside


3. Operation Bucket Lids: Entails replacing dustbins, both inside and out, with buckets with (tight fitting) lids, which is opened for less than 0.3527 seconds. (Working on reducing that 0.3527 seconds, as Charlie has taught his offspring to wait under the bucket rim and dive bomb as soon as the lid moves.)


4. Operation Holiday Home: Involves keeping the recycling (which Charlie is a great supporter of) in 1 x large container, with a zip seal, in order for Charlie’s 12 wives to stop using it as holiday accommodation


5. Operation Twice As Nice: Entails washing all dishes twice. Once when they are dirty. And once before they are used. And sometimes a third time, because I can not remember whether I washed it a second time. In order for Charlie to grow tired of the taste of Sunlight Liquid


6. Operation African Soul Surfer: Involves doing #5 immediately. And when I say immediately, I mean IMMEDIATELY. African Soul Surfer Backpackers, where I stayed before leaving for Ghana, had a sign up in their kitchen which read: “There is no such thing as washing the dishes later.” (Cara Faye: “If you can hear me, please take a picture for me. I want to show Charlie.)



7. Operation Cold Biscuit: Involves keeping everything, including potatoes (which Charlie has a particular fondness for), onions (which Charlie has a particular fondness for), Eet-sum-mores (which Charlie has Eet-en-sum-more of) inside the fridge. This was quickly followed by Operation Deep Frozen Biscuit when Charlie and two friends managed to breach the fortress. Not to be mistaken for Operation Deep Freeze: Which entails turning the aircon down so low that Charlie (or I) will develop hypothermia


8. Operation Daylight: Involves leaving all cupboard doors open in order for (nocturnal) Charlie to develop sleep-deprivation


9. Operation Pray: Entails praying to Saint Dominic, the patron saint of infestations


10. Operation How To Train Your Dragon: This is the next step





PS Some more African Soul Surfer signs courtesy of Miss Faye:


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