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Ghana Day #38:
(Un)Complicated Life

By 7th June 2018Travel


While wrapping up a meeting, the conversation moved to what everyone was having for dinner.. then to being a vegetarian in Ghana.. then to why on earth one would want to be a vegetarian in Ghana?


Sika, my colleague, aksed * (*I am starting to speak Ghanaian!) me, why I don’t eat meat.


I told him that I don’t believe in killing things.


Not even mosquitoes?


Not even mosquitos.


Not even cockroaches.


Not even cockroaches. (Charlie should count his lucky stars.)


Sika thought about this and then said:


“You have a complicated life.”






And looking Day#36 and Da#29, I am starting to agree with Sika.


So, in order to uncomplicate my life, I have decided to take some advice from Uber Driver Frank:




1. (Un)Complicated Life: Cockroaches ( See Day#36 )


Uber Driver Frank said I have it all wrong when it comes to cockroaches.


According to him, they live their entire lives in complete hiding.


And they only come out when they are ready to die.


So, if you see a cockroach, it means he wants to die.


And you need to help him with this…


Best I let Charlie know.





2. (Un)Complicated Life: Malaria ( See Day#29 )


Uber Driver Frank said I have it all wrong when it comes to Malaria too.


He said there is a very simple way to avoid getting Malaria: Fufu


Well, Fufu and Jollof and Kenkey and Banku and Amutu and Ampesi and Waakye and Tom Brown and Hausa Koko and Kosi with Koko and Boflot to be precise.


And these are only the ones I can remember (or pronounce!).


According to Uber Driver Frank: the Ghanaian people have a high resistance to Malaria because of all the starch they eat.


Between Jollof and Kenkey, I should be Malaria-resistant by the end of the week.




3. (Un)Complicated Life: Address ( See Day#24 )


Uber Driver Frank said it is actually really easy to find out what my address is.


I simply need to order an Uber, and then ask the driver to tell me what the pick-up location is. Easy!


The jury is out…




PS The jury has come back. Nope. Uber does not know my address is either.

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