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Ghana Day #42:
Mighty Mouse Scrolls Again

By 11th June 2018Travel


You know that little voice in your head?


The one that warns you not to carry your Mighty Mouse balanced on top of your closed laptop?


And then you do anyway.


And then the inevitable happens…






Which is why Richard and I set off to Accra Mall for an emergency visit the (one and only) iStore.


Mighty Mouse in hand, I was not yet at the iRepair counter when the iRepair(Not) Assistant started shaking his head.


iStore does not repair Mighty Mouses (Mice?), iStore sells new Mighty Mouses. iStore’s Mighty Mouses are mighty expensive.


But, more importantly, I love my Mighty Mouse! We have been together for more than ten years.


In fact, I love my Mighty Mouse so much that in my first week at EchoHouse my new colleagues played a trick on me and abducted “Blossom” for half a day.






I dropped the EchoHouse IT manager an emailed to check whether he knew of a place that repairs Mighty Mouses.


He did! So off Richard and I went again, this time to Teshie Nungua, and a store called Kells Consult.


We battled to find the store. And when we finally did find it my hopes waned.


It was a tiny little box of a workshop on the premises of a fuelling station.


Inside we found (Another) iRichard.


iRichard offered me a chair and started fiddling with Blossom.


Fiddle. Fiddle. Fiddle.


He picked up a way-too-sharp-looking tool.


Fiddle. Fiddle. Fiddle.


When I see him reach for a big bottle of superglue, I am ready to step in when… the little green (vital signs) light on Blossom starts to flicker!!!!


Blossom is alive! iRichard had saved Blossom. (All the best people in Ghana seems to be called Richard! See Day#12 )


The pay-off line under the Kells Consult logo is right, “…So Much Is Possible”!


30 seconds later Blossom was safely inside my bag and I pulled out my wallet, ready to hand over its entire contents, out of sheer gratitude.


iRichard shook his head. What? Not enough? Taking out my credit card instead.


No. No charge.


What?!! An iRepair store that does not charge per second?!!


I wonder whether iRichard knows that he has found a life-long customer in me. (I suspect the hug gave it away.)


From now on I am flying to Accra for all my iRepairs.


It would still be cheaper than the iStore.




PS Here are Kells Consult’s numbers: 057 380 3300, 020 009 7007, 024 237 0857

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