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Ghana Day #11:

By 11th May 2018May 29th, 2018Travel
In my first week I thought every second person in Ghana was called Charlie.


This was until I realised ‘Charle’ is the Ghanaian equivalent to ‘Dude’.


As in “Hey Chale man oh, I aksing you, be this place be like extra o?*” Translation: “Yoh Dude, is this place awesome, or what?”


(*Apologies if I just butchered Pidgin English.)


Today in the car, on our way back from our second pitch meeting, two of my colleagues, John and Jeffrey, are sitting in the back-seat recalling moments from the pitch meeting.


John asks me whether I agreed with a claim the client wanted us to make (which conflicted with our agency insights).


So, I replied that what we should have said to the client was: “No man, Chaa-lay.”


This had John, Jeffrey, Richard and I in stiches.


I think I have discovered my new party trick.



PS My second-favourite party trick is guessing what people are having for lunch. Insider tip: If you guess Jollof rice with Apontje you have a 50% chance of being correct.


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