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Ghana Day #34:
Herbal Medicine Goes ATL

By 3rd June 2018June 5th, 2018Travel


Meet Dr Kagbonon Awenor Gabriel. Dr Kagbonon Awenor Gabriel is a Herbal Medicine Specialist.


We have Herbal Medicine Specialist in Cape Town too. They advertise all over the city, on lamp posts and in train carriages.


But Dr Kim has never had the budget to venture beyond his/her sticker campaign.



Good thing Dr Kim has not travelled to Ghana recently. Because he/she would suffer from major channel envy.


Dr Kagbonon Awenor Gabriel is on TV. And I don’t mean, he has an ad on TV.


No, Dr Kagbonon Awenor Gabriel has a dedicated TV channel.


Or, so it seems. Because every time I try to find the local news station, there’s Dr Kagbonon Awenor Gabriel.


(Ghana TV Channel breakdown goes something like this: Channel 1-2: Church, Channel 3: Government, Channel 4–5: Church, Channel 6: Soccer, Channel: 7–33: Church, Channel 34: Touched By An Angel / Sylvester Stallone re-runs, Channel 35: Dr Kagbonon Awenor Gabriel, Channel: 36–42: Church) (See Day#3 )


I can see why Dr Kagbonon Awenor Gabriel is much more successful than his Southern colleague.


Dr Kim’s offer is a little vague: “Money In Account”, “Bring Back Lost Lover”, “Clear Evil Spirit From The House”, “All Women Problems” and “Come & Get A Magic Love Stick”.


Dr Kagbonon Awenor Gabriel’s claims are more concrete: “Diabetic Patient, Sugar Sickness”, “Hypertension, Palpitations Of Heart”, “Woman Who Cannot Produce A Child” and “Low Sperm Count”.


And Dr Kagbonon Awenor Gabriel has certificates. “Psychic Healing”, “Ghana National Association Of Traditional Healers” and a LICENCE from the “Ministry Of Health Traditional Medicine Practice Council”, to name only three.


I know which one I would rather order from.


Getting me a bottle of “White”. Seeing as that has Oburoni written all over it. (Literally.)


And a box of “Lucky Soap”. Because one can never have too much “Lucky Soap”.





PS Let me know if you would like to order a little something.

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