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Ghana Day #35:
Oburoni Central

By 4th June 2018Travel
I discovered, yesterday, where all the Oburoni’s have been hanging out / hiding: Second Cup, Accra Mall. (Insert eye-roll.)


Note to self: Avoid Second Cup.


Apart from Oburonis, you can also find Shoprite, Macro, Jet, Mr P and FNB. Plus almost everything that I thougth was unavailable in Ghana (Milk, Yoghurt, Ice Cream, Teaspoons, Can Opener, Handy Andy).
None of which I need anymore. (See Day#31 )



If I were to ever go back I would need to relook the following:



1. My GMT Time (See Day#10 )


Because I wake up Naturally, Unnaturally and Supernaturally (See Day#23 ) around 5:00, by the time 9:00 swings by I am nearing afternoon mode.


But in future, I will need to add some serious GMT time adjustment before going to the mall. Stores only open after 10:00.



2. My Dress-Sense


I was hopelessly underdressed.




3. My Budget


I went to Accra Mall with one purpose. And one purpose only: Broccoli


I have been craving Broccoli for the last 34 days. Even more than coffee.


Like coffee, Brocolli does not seem to be big in Ghana.


Until I got to Shoprite, there was a whole fridge-shelf full of Broccoli!


But then I understood why Broccoli is not big in Ghana.




I was not craving Broccoli THAT much.


At home, Shoprite is an entry-level supermarket. But here almost all the products in Shoprite are imports.


Making Shoprite the Giovanni’s of Ghana!!!




4. My Terminology


“No rubber” does not mean what you think it means. In Ghana “no rubber” is code for “no shopping bag”.




5. My Street


Shopping at Accra Mall is just not as nice as shopping on #MyStreet.


I would swop coffee, airconditioning and a ton of (R218) Broccoli for Vivian, Reverend Happy and David (See Day#7 ) and day!





PS There was one redeeming quality though…


PPS And not just the Communion type.

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