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Ghana Day #43:

By 12th June 2018Travel
This story was on News24 this afternoon:


‘We fear for our lives’: Cash-in-transit guards call for more protection


But, like so many South Africans I am completely immune to ‘Cash In Transit Heist’ stories.


As with so many other crimes stories.


I simply put my fingers in my ears and go la-la-la-la. Because then they are not really happening.


When people start talking about “South Africa’s problems”, I change the subject. Or tables. Or friends.


Or world maps, for that matter: Large parts of Australia and Canada don’t exist for me.


But sometimes something happens, which momentarily make me pause with my fingers mid-way to my ears.




Which was what happened this evening when Richard was driving me home.


We were discussing South Africa’s problem.


(Discussing South Africa’s problems with Richard does not count, because he is always trying to convince me that Ghana has bigger problems. Which they don’t. See Day#5 )


Mid-sentence, Richard points to the vehicle in front of us in the traffic.


“Do you know what that is?” he asks with an ironic smile.


I look at the non-descript white van and shake my head.


‘That is our money car.’


The ‘money car’ in Ghana is a nondescript white van. Driven by a single police officer. And locked with a single padlock.


(We put bigger padlocks on our suitcases in South Africa!)


I am going to make every South African a WWGD* bracelet. (*What Would Ghana Do)


Because they are definitely doing something right. I don’t care what Richard says.


Ok. I’m putting my fingers back in my ears now.




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  • Robyn says:

    I think you definitely won the ‘South Africa has bigger problems’ debate that day!

    • epingkasykat says:

      That’s not a debate I am going to win anytime soon, Nob. So many Ghanaians think SA is the land of milk and honey because we are a ‘first world’ country! Sigh.

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