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Ghana Day #44:
Quiet Time

By 13th June 2018Travel
Today marks the end of Homowo.


Every year the Ga Traditional Council of elders declare the period of “Quiet Time”, and this year it was from 14 May until today.


The word Homowo means: Homo* – to be hungry and Wo – to hoot in the Ga language.


(*Not quite what that means in The Pink City…).


Homowo is a month-long period of quiet contemplation, during which there is a ban on loud music and drumming.


And fishing. In case you had plans to spend your quiet time fishing.


This “Quiet Time” is meant to bring good rain and a good harvest.


(Now we know why the drought in Cape Town was so long… Clearly we did not meditate enough!)


Quiet Time is followed by a festival in August, which includes:


  • A boat race for the traditional Asofo warriors
  • ‘Twin’s Day’ when all twins are dressed in white calico and paraded through town (Twin alert: African World Airlines is have a buy one get one free promotion at the moment. See Day#17 )


Would love to stay and chat, but I am off to unpack my drumset.

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