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Ghana Day #45:
Ghana TV

By 14th June 2018June 22nd, 2018Travel


I mentioned the Ghana TV Channel breakdown the other day.


Which goes something like this: Channel 1-2: Church, Channel 3: Government, Channel 4–5: Church, Channel 6: Soccer, Channel: 7–33: Church, Channel 34: Touched By An Angel / Sylvester Stallone re-runs, Channel 35: Dr Kagbonon Awenor Gabriel, Channel: 36–42: Church ( See Day#3 )


But a couple of things I did not mention:




1. Nothing (Blue) To See Here


When I was small, I thought sex involved a man and woman kissing. And the sun coming up the next morning.


Thanks to the very thorough Suid Afrikaans Uitsaai Korporasie Sensor Board.


It’s been a while since the Ooms from the SAUK were last seen in South Africa.


And now I know why. They have all moved to Ghana!




2. Nothing (Pink) To See Here


There is an entire channel dedicated to Human Rights education videos, which are on repeat.


So if, at 4:02, you should wonder whether you have ‘The Right To Rest And Leisure’, you can just turn on the telly and check.


But the Ooms have been busy here too.


I keep waiting for 7.8.3: ‘The Right To Choose One’s Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity’.


But I think I am going to wait for a while..




3. What’s Been Seen Can Never Be Unseen


Not only have they been very busy with their scissors, but they also assisted in program selection.


Because how else would you explain this:


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