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Ghana Day #55:
Operation Calm Life

By 24th June 2018June 26th, 2018Travel
This afternoon, on the way back from Kokrobite, we passed a roadblock.


Lena, who surfs with me and was driving us back to Accra, mentioned that she had been pulled over many times before.


Which reminded me that on one of our previous trips, King Appiah had pointed out a vehicle ahead of us in the traffic.


“That is the patrol,” he said.


When we got closer I saw a couple of gentlemen in army fatigues on the back, with a sign on the side that read “Calm Life”.


That must be the best army pay-off line in the world! “Calm Life”. I love that!


Isn’t that what we all want?!!


The “Calm Life” army does spot-patrols of neighbourhoods, in order to maintain safety and security.


Which is why my own area can be called, Mempeasem: “I don’t want any problems”!!


According to King Appiah, these “Calm Life” patrols have brought about a significant decline in crime.


Operation Calm Life working magic – Ambrose Dery
“Minister for the Interior, Ambrose Dery, has lauded the introduction of Operation Calm Life indicating that it has resulted in minimising armed robberies and crime in the country. According to him, the joint military and police operation is yielding positive results, adding that the programme will be intensified.”


And crime has been (even more) top of mind for me over the last couple of days.


My sister’s house, in Johannesburg, was burgled a couple of days ago.


The thieves literally chopped down the security gate and back door.


The next day, when I received a link to the South African crime stats recently, I deleted it without opening it – I don’t want to know. ( See Day#43 )


Feeling as safe as I do here ( See Day#5 ) has made me aware of the constant state of stress us South Africans live in.


Dear President Cyril Ramapoza, pleeeeeeeease can we have a “Calm Life” for Christmas, pleeeeeaaassee?


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